FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

All visitors to Nigeria with the exception of Nigeria passport holders require entry visas to Nigeria.
Citizens of ECOWAS countries do not require visas, if they are not staying in Nigeria beyond 90 days. 

You must always have a valid and current passport – that is to say, the passport is not over ten years old. 

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Yes. Nigerian Passport are renewed after 5 years and for another 5 years from the date of first issue, making a total validity period of a maximum of 10 years. 

Generally, the main ones are yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis- A&B, tetanus, diphtheria and polio. Your doctor or medical centre would be most appropriate to advise you. 

Yes, you do. 

There is a fee for entry visa, please visit our website for appropriate fees. 

When your passport is over ten years old.

All children with the exception of those holding Nigeria passports require visas.

It is advisable to take insurance cover as Nigeria does not have reciprocal agreement for insurance with Germany.

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